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What is Jobcam Support?

Jobcam Support is a platform designed to manage customer support, take feedback, and help users manage photos, videos, documents, and share or invite others to visit their projects.

How do I create an account on Jobcam Support?

You can create an account by clicking on the 'Sign Up' button on our homepage and following the instructions to register.

Is there a mobile app available for Jobcam Support?

Currently, we do not have a mobile app, but our website is mobile-friendly, so you can access all features from your smartphone's browser.

How do I share documents and media on Jobcam Support?

Once logged in, you can use the 'Upload' feature to share your documents and media. You can then invite others to view them by sharing the generated link.

Can I provide feedback on a project without an account?

Yes, you can provide feedback without an account if you have received an invite link to the project.

What types of files can I upload to Jobcam Support?

You can upload various types of files, including images (JPEG, PNG), videos (MP4, AVI), and documents (PDF, DOCX).

How do I reset my password?

If you need to reset your password, click on 'Forgot Password' at the login page and follow the instructions to set a new one.

Is my personal information and uploaded content secure?

Yes, we take your privacy seriously. Your personal information and uploaded content are protected with industry-standard encryption and security measures.

What should I do if I encounter an issue on the site?

If you're experiencing any issues, please reach out to our support team through the 'Contact Us' page, and we'll assist you as soon as possible.

How can I delete my Jobcam Support account?

To delete your account, please go to your account settings and select the 'Delete Account' option. Please note that this action is irreversible, and all your data will be permanently removed.

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